Shot of a group of colleagues joining their hands in solidarity at work

It Is Not What We Say That Matters, But What We Do

CISCO recognizes the vital importance of each and every one of our corporate family members. Because of this, we work hard to provide a fair and professional work environment within our company, as well as with outside parties. The CISCO Code of Conduct is the foundation of this effort.
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Code of Conduct

  • Recruitment, training, promotion, dismissal and general administration of our employees are implemented without any form of discrimination.
  • In conducting our business we make every effort to comply with national laws and regulations.
  • We manage and conduct our business transparently and in a professional manner and without the use of discriminatory or derogatory sexual, racial and religious slurs, jokes, comments or behavior.
  • Employees work for our company based on a personalized written contract that clearly specifies the rights and obligations of both employee and employer. Our employment terms (wages, working hours, benefits) must be fair and compliant at least with the legislated minimum requirements.
  • Employees must be granted their relevant statutory rights such as annual, sick and maternity and indemnity leaves.
  • Employees are free to leave the company after a reasonable notice and in accordance with their employment contract and local labor laws.
  • We follow a strict policy of no physical abuse or discipline and no forced labor in any form. The policy includes total refrain from threats of verbal, physical and sexual harassment or intimidation.
  • The minimum age for full time employment at our company is 18.
  • All staff, especially supervisors and managers, are expected to seriously consider environment, health and safety factors when making day to day as well as strategic decisions and actions. Furthermore, they are expected to maintain, improve and enhance the existing and future office, warehouse and logistics facilities.
  • We follow a basic safety and pollution prevention plan and we will continuously strive to strengthen our commitment to health, safety and environmental protection.
  • We do business with our customers, suppliers, contractors and vendors on the basis of competitiveness in price, quality, delivery and reliability. Whenever possible, we will give preferential treatment to such parties who are clearly following corporate social responsibility values.